We are seeking individuals, companies, firms, and countries looking to make the world a better place for "All" not the "One". We believe in giving funds openly and with no bias towards race, religion, or gender and above all respecting the political ideology of those we help and work with so together we can make a better global community. One without famine, one with shelter, one world.

If you are a funding source who would like to work on various projects
or if you are seeking funding and have a project please contact us by email below.


The funds go directly to the source in need, we do not believe in commissioned agent's or any go between middlemen. The funds provider deals directly with the project, its procurement and development, knowing where and how the funds are used as well as aiding in strategic alliances needed for completion.


We are seeking humanitarian projects for the world, mainly countries and global communities in need do to famine, disaster, or poverty, with our main focus on the basic needs of the world (food, shelter, and clothing). Please contact us if you have such a project or need our help in the any stage of its developement. Please send any inquiries to the following address for our prompt reply.




CAUTIONARY NOTE:    In the past, several well-intentioned individuals have sought to provide financial assistance to the efforts of Wake International by attempting to involve Wake International in various investments - usually identified by the term "high yield investment programs" (or some variation thereof).

Wake International has subsequently become aware of the fact that the Justice Department of the United States Government is operating under the presumption that all such programs are fraudulent in nature. While Wake International remains greatly appreciative of all efforts to provide real assistance to our humanitarian efforts, we have nonetheless acquiesced to the advice of our counsel and agreed to forward all such "high yield investment program" opportunities to the United States Justice Department for their review and prior approval.